Darbar, definitely is a commercial blockbuster from Thalaivar.

FDFS tradition was kept up today and was worth it, right from the entry to the climax whistles were roaring and coins were floating in the air, each frame was set up to build up hype and mass for our Thalaivar, and his ever energetic and youthful enthusiasm carries forward the film.

Contrary to many of the audience responses the film actually has a very good plot with a strong father daughter sentiment. Nivetha Thomas has done a phenomenal job.

What could have been avoided is the very unrealistic fight sequences, they are over-hyped, and unacceptable even for Thalaivar veriyans, they could have been executed with the same mass and swag like petta subtly, but they go overboard and make it a cringe-fest.

Another thing that can be avoided is various close-up shots of Thalaivar,even though Thalaivar is a ever young superman, and age is just a number for him,the make-up is unable to withstand the close-ups.Or if close-ups are needed, then the make-up should be exceptionally good like they did in 2.0

THALAIVAR’S gymming sequence is out of the world.At 17 when most are reluctant to maintain a good physique, this man at 70 slays the screen with his body. Another huge shout out to Thalaivars acting, man!..this film mixed Shivaji’s mass with Mullum Malarum’s terrific acting.

Darbar is must watch in the theatres and Thalaivars veriyans will definitely be satisfied seeing Thalaivars mass performance!

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